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Items from the Museum of Applied Arts' extensive collections are frequently to be found in exhibitions elsewhere in Hungary and abroad. Below is a selection of the main exhibitions to which the Museum has lent its holdings.

Most recent foreign loans

Art and Design For All – The Victoria and Albert Museum. Bonn, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle, 2011-2012

Inventing the Modern World – Decorative Arts at the World’s Fairs, 1851-1939. Kansas City, The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art; Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museum of Art (and other venues), 2012-2013. Items loaned: Pantocsek glassware and items purchased at the 1900 Paris World's Fair

Jugendstil. Muzej Marton, Zagreb, 2012. Items loaned: Hungarian art nouveau metalware

Europa Jagellonica 1386-1572. Warsaw, Royal Palace; Potsdam, Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte, 2012-13. Items loaned: outstanding late medieval metalware from the Esterházy treasury

THE BLACK SOUP - The story of coffee making - travelling exhibition (Hungarian Museum of Trade and Catering). Szatmárnémeti, Szatmár County Museum (and other venues), 2011-2012

Tiffany, Gallé and the masters of Art Nouveau - the Museum of Applied Art's exhibition in the Capitolium Museum in Rome, 20-28 February 2013

L’AUTOMNE DE LA RENAISSANCE - D’ARCIMBOLDO A CARAVAGE. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancy. 4 May - 4 August 2013 Items loaned: outstanding mannerist metalware from the Esterházy Treasury.

Koloman Moser: Designing Modern Vienna 1897-1907. Neue Galerie New York - Museum for German and Austrian Art, 23 May - 2 September 2013. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 29 September 2013-12 January 2014. Items loaned: two pieces of furniture by Koloman Moser.


Main loans to Hungarian exhibitions

From El Greco to Rippl-Rónai – Marcell Nemes, patron and art collector. Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts, 2011-2012

Religion, culture and embourgeoisement – Gusztáv Heckenast memorial exhibition. Budapest, National Széchényi Library, 2011-2012

Ragyogás – Rare porcelain and books. Budapest, National Széchényi Library, 2012

Empire and Biedermeier furniture in Hungary. Budapest History Museum, Castle Museum, 2012

Liszt and music-related arts. Budapest, MTA BTK Institute of Music, Museum of Music History, 2011-2012

Lechner - Szmrecsányi - BOLDI - a four-generation family of artists. Alföldi Galéria, Hódmezővásárhely, 2012

Hungarian memories of Fiume (Rijeka), Csaba Skultéty's collection. Balatonfüred, Vaszary Villa, 2011

110 years of Halas Lace – anniversary exhibition. Csipkeház, Kiskunhalas, 2012


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