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The Museum of Applied Arts Library catalogue

The catalogue is directly accessible from the Szirén Integrated Library System and the portal of the consortium running the Shared Knowledge - Innovative Library project.

The online catalogue covers the Library's entire holdings. The analytic description in the database enables several kinds of content access and search facilities. The analytics permit even foreign-language material to be searched using Hungarian keywords with up to three subject words simultaneously.

Early books from the Batthyány-Strattmann Library in Körmend

Part of the catalogue is now complete and accessible at:

The library of some two and a half thousand volumes in Batthyány-Strattmann House in Körmend, having survived the Second World War, was placed in the Museum of Applied Arts. It is a fine example of Hungarian aristocratic libraries of the 18th century, showing the family's breadth of interest. It includes books on military history, history, literature and travel writing, illustrated with fascinating engravings. Most are in French.

The books from the Batthyány-Strattmann library are held among the Small Collections. The Small Collections staff can provide information on them.


The Yearbook of the Museum of Applied Arts, Ars Decorativa

The Museum's yearbooks from 1954 to 1971 and the volumes of Ars Decorativa from 1973 to 2008 are accessible in the Hungarian Digital Museum Library. The PDF files can be browsed or searched with any keywords.

The journals Magyar Iparművészet, and the Gazette of the Hungarian Museum and School of Applied Arts and the Hungarian Society of Applied Arts of between 1897 and 1930 are accessible in the Electronic Periodical Archive of the National Széchenyi Library.


"Inventory of movable monuments”

Based on the collection of Dr Elemér Kőszeghy

Digitised art object survey records in the Museum of Applied Arts database

Managed by: Piroska Ács PhD, art historian, Magda Lichner PhD art historian, Zsolt Somogyi, museologist

The database is available on DVD, published by Arcanum in 2009.

Elemér Kőszeghy (Winkler)  (1882–1954) was an art historian and painter, and between 1938 and 1945 the Director of the Museum of Applied Arts. His manuscript legacy is held in the Museum Archive. He published a reference book of Hungarian hallmarks in 1936, but his register of movable monuments never appeared in print and is unknown outside a narrow professional circle. Digitisation has opened up access to this irreplaceable source.

During Kőszeghy's term as director, a survey of Hungarian movable art works was carried out in Budapest and other points throughout the country (and in some cases also abroad); after the Vienna Decision, it was extended to the re-annexed parts of historical Hungary. It covered secular and church collections, public and private, and movable art objects in the interiors of great houses and palaces. A standardised data sheet was completed for each object, mainly craft works, and illustrated where possible with a photograph or in some cases a drawing.

Only a fragment of originally-Hungarian art treasures were documented, because the survey did not cover the whole territory of historical Hungary, and lack of time and wartime conditions were also inhibiting factors. Many art objects and collections had fallen victim to the First World War and the turbulent times following the Treaty of Trianon. Since the survey, there has been another world war, changes of system and regime, and many of the objects it covered have been destroyed or have disappeared. These records, however incomplete and haphazard they may be, are thus of enormous documentary value.


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