The Museum of Applied Arts is closed due to the renovation of the building.
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  • Furniture Art from Gothic to Biedermeier - Nagytétény mansion

    The furniture exhibition staged in the Nagytétény mansion presents the most important works in the furniture collection at the Museum of Applied Arts.


  • Collectors and Treasures

    The permanent exhibition of the museum comprises approximately 400 artworks of outstanding quality and features the creation of the museum's collections and their constant expansion in the past one and a half century.


  • Precision and Luxury - Nagytétény Castle

    The exhibition in the Nagytétény Mansion persents clocks and watches made by famous watchmakers of the 17th–19th centuries. Each piece in the collection is genuine; most of them are signed, individual objects. These objects not simply aesthetically beautiful, but fulfill a function: they still work, meeting requirements of our modern age.


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