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The Japanese collection of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts runs to more than 8000 pieces. The core of this collection was bought by the founder Mr. Hopp who travelled in Japan three times in his life. He and further Hungarian travellers and collectors collected significant Japanese costumes and accessories related to the male and female wear. The Museum also houses several samurai armours. One of them went through serious conservatory works in the last six years.

The concept of the exhibition is to present the traditional Japanese arts and crafts related to the costumes, and the exciting objects of Hungarian design influenced by the Japanese art.

The first thematic unit of the exhibition will be dedicated to the samurai culture. We intend to display Japanese armours weapons, swords, and tsubas. Those modern jewelleries will be shown here which are related to the armours.

The second unit of the exhibition will focus on the male accessories such as inros, netsukes, etc.

The third unit will show the female costumes and wear: Obi samples, kimonos, hairpins and combs will be displayed here.

The fourth unit of the exhibition presents the world of the children, their dolls, puppets, utensils, games.

We can evoke the traditional Japan of the Meiji period with the help of photographs (photos selected from the Archives of the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts).

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