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Everything in this exhibition is arranged according to its dominant colour. The greens are in one room, the blues in another, and the reds in the third. The aim is to give a new perspective on the dazzling variety of artworks held in the Museum of Applied Arts, which means that everything on display here comes from the Museum’s own collections.

Since colour is the organising principle, this time, contrasted with the traditionally historic approach of museum narratives, objects of all kinds – old and modern, sacred and profane, festive and everyday – appear side by side, opening up these artworks to new meanings and interpretations.
The exhibition consists of almost 25 thematic groups ranging from eosin-glazed Zsolnay ceramics through blue patterned printed textiles designed by William Morris to red liturgical objects. The selection includes well-known, prestigious items and pieces never before put on display, and covers every form of applied arts. The result is a unique cross section of the Museum’s collection.

Curators of the exhibition: Balázs Semsey, Szabolcs Serfőző

The exhibition is accompanied by the ColourMirror project of the TechLab of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. 

ColourMirror from XORXOR on Vimeo.







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