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In June 2016 the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts – along with its Hungarian and international partners – will celebrate the 4th Art Nouveau World Day (held on the 10th of June commemorating the death of the two great architects: the Catalan Antoni Gaudí and the Hungarian Ödön Lechner). Related programs on the following Saturday (11th June) will be available in the Museum: special guided tours (even in French) and in the afternoon a series of lectures. Some programs will be organized in the honour of the work of the museum’s second director Jenő Radisics, who founded the basis of the outstanding Art Nouveau collection of the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts by purchases from contemporary exhibitions such as the Paris World Fair of 1900. The programs and the related exhibition can be visited with a reduced price daily-ticket. Due to the limited number of participants please register to the tours in advance.

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