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In our programme RGB#RED, we intend to re-interpret the connection between sight, the sense of touch, and personal visual culture with the help of the pop up exhibition “I have a favourite colour”. With the team of LaLuz we make an excursion into the enchanting world of painting with light, whereas in the movement performance of the Élőkép Theatre female sculptures are endowed with life, and they reshape the space surrounding us.


I HAVE A FAVOURITE COLOUR - Pop up exhibition

A pop up exhibition about the visually impaired, visual values and fashion, an experiment with free associations that calls your attention to the personal taste and the visual culture of the blind and the visually impaired.


Élőkép Theatre - Études for primary colours

16:00, 17:00
With the help of the Élőkép Theatre our exhibition “In the Mood for Colours” now leaves the exhibition venue. During the performance female sculptures start moving, their connection to each other and their surroundings keep changing and gradually developing. This improvisation fills the special rooms of the Museum of Applied Arts with new impulses and visions.


LaLuz Visuals - Light painting workshop

Connected to our exhibition “In the Mood for Colours” we have invited the team of *LaLuz Visuals* whose goal is to create a new and spectacular experience of space using colours and lights. During their workshop for painting with light we can get an insight behind the scenes of this visual magic factory and we, too, can become light magicians.



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