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The Furniture Collection has about 4600 items, and in addition to furniture it embraces musical instruments and wooden pieces such as small sculptures, gingerbread moulds and toys. Nearly all of the early items are first-class exhibition pieces.

French furniture forms much of the international section. There are Renaissance pieces and signed furniture by craftsmen of the leading 18th-century Parisian workshops (Antoine Criaerd, Jean-Baptiste Boulard, Denis Toupillier, Etienne Levasseur). Many have companion pieces in prestigious foreign collections.

There are also remarkable pieces from several major centres of European furniture-making in Italy, the Netherlands, England and Spain.

Old Hungarian furniture-making is also represented by pieces of European standard.

The collection also holds furniture of international significance from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the period of the Secession or Art Nouveau, from Hungary, France and Austria.

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