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Hungarian Design Award

The Hungarian Design Award, the most prestigious award in Hungarian design to be bestowed by the Minister of National Economy, parades the most successful products and innovations seen in the Hungarian creative industry. The awardee and the works that have won the right to be exhibited will jointly present the diversity and creative power of Hungarian design in 2015. In addition to a number of ordinary objects developed in the light of design-driven innovation, such as lamps, furniture, sports equipment, the showcase will also display innovative industrial solutions that may even lay the foundations of higher domestic competitiveness and business development. The Award is managed by the Hungarian Design Council.

Design Management Award 2015

No competitiveness of enterprises is conceivable today without design-driven management. The recognition founded by the Hungarian Design Council is conferred upon business organisations that regard the potentials of design as the pledge of success and a means of implementing their long-term goals. The economic achievements of the awarded organisations already confirm the value of design. Each of the businesses and organisations awarded this year support the necessity to apply design management irrespective of the sector.

Organised by the Hungarian Design Council

Tickets for the Hungarian Design Awards and Design Management Awards are include the admission to the Home Sweet Home and the BID - Collective Imagination (Imaginación Collectiva) exhibitions as well.


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