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This finely elaborated statue is displayed in the museum for the first time. The artwork depicting the Holy Virgin Mary (Immaculata) who conceived immaculate – i.e. free from original sin – might have been the personal cult object of an aristocratic chapel or bedroom. Mary stands on a cloud surrounded by angels; a short prayer can be read on a ribbon: SINE LABE CONCEPTA O[RA] P[RO] N[OBIS], i.e. „[Mary] conceived free from sin pray for us!” Originally she was wearing a crown with twelve stars – an allusion to the Woman in the Book of Revelation, “clothed with the sun”, (Apocalypse 12,1) who according to Catholic tradition was associated with Mary. Although the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception was defined as a Roman Catholic dogma only in 1854, exactly 160 years ago, its iconography had already been formed and became popular in the baroque era. The statue is accompanied by other artworks of the same topic owned by the museum.



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