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In 2019, Hype and Hype online magazine introduced the Object Fetish series in partnership with the Museum of Applied Arts Budapest.

The articles by design theorists Kitti Mayer and Piroska Novák are about the emblematic pieces of Hungarian object culture – the stories of objects and their designers.

Latest Article:
Object Fetish Part 5 | Termover heatproof dish set
Author: Kitti Mayer

The flame-resistant dishes frequently referred to as the dream of housewives once came from the GDR – this is where the name of these glass baking pots available in various shapes and sizes came from: “jénai” (Hungarian for denoting something originating from Jena, Germany – the translator’s note). One thing not many people happen to know, however, is that there was a similar dish set manufactured in Hungary, by Karcagi Üveggyár (Karcag Glass Factory). In the latest episode of our Object Fetish series, we go after the “Hungarian jénai”, and will also reveal what designers Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Katalin Suháné Somkuti have in common.

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