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14 September - 12 December 2018

Reflections of Contemporary Designers on the Collection of the Museum of Applied Arts

The In Circulation exhibition series was launched by the Contemporary Design Department of the Museum of Applied Arts.

During the period of the reconstruction of the museum’s main building on Üllői út, it is especially important that we also keep the pieces resting in the storerooms of the collection circulating. In the framework of our series entitled, In Circulation, we have invited contemporary designers, once they have become acquainted with the museum’s rich collection which is unparalleled also internationally, to select an object or ensemble of objects that inspires their own work, and to create something of their own design that reflects upon it. The design object(s) born from the inspiration of the museum’s collection will also become a part of the collection, which in future will also provide the opportunity for further relations and exhibitions.

Artista was created in 1993 by six young designers, and today they are three who comprise the group: Katalin Imre, Nóra Rácz and Katalin Stampf. The designers earned their diplomas at Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design Budapest, but they also studied at the fashion design faculties of the universities in Milan (I) and Brighton (GB). Alongside their Budapest headquarters, they also opened their designer boutique in 2006 in the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna.

The designers aim to shape a particular, individual image and mood, and to continuously refresh and update it. They have presented countless independent fashion shows by now, and since 1996 they have also been invited regularly to present within the international fashion events.

We might characterise Artista briefly in this way: uniqueness, individuality, creativity and timelessness. The nature of their collections is an interweaving and reinterpretation of the formal vocabulary of the Far East with classical European tailoring. The designers boldly employ pairings of unusual materials, patterns and palette. Artista apparel and accessories are ageless, and they lend their singular atmosphere, femininity and refined extravagance to those who wear them every day.

The first exhibition in the series is that of Artista Studio, who celebrates the 25th anniversary of their inception in 2018.

Curator: Judit Horváth

11 October 2018, 6pm: Is the Circus Fashion? Is Fashion a Circus?
On this occasion, we investigate how the circus can inspire fashion, and vice versa: what are the trends that have emerged and prevail today in both fields of the traditional and contemporary circus?

8 November 2018: Studio visit to Artista Studio

22 November 2018, 6pm: Types of women in fashion and perfume

29 November 2018, 6pm: 25 Years in the Hungarian fashion profession
This programme allows a glimpse into perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of fashion design, in which we endeavour to offer surprising data on how it is possible to stay on your feet in a small country. With what techniques is it possible to conquer the narrow market?


Supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

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