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Collection catalogues

One of the long-standing aims of the Museum of Applied Arts is to publish detailed collection catalogues on the principal sections of its collection, written by its most experienced staff and bringing together the latest research with records of previous decades. These comprehensive technical and scholarly volumes are published in Hungarian and English.

Each catalogue is an in-depth survey of one important collection unit, and publication in a foreign language promotes awareness of them in the international arena.

The first, in 1994, was an Ottoman Turkish carpet catalogue written by Ferenc Batári, followed in 2001
by Emőke László's book on noble Hungarian embroidery, úrihímzés, and in 2003 by Donka Maros's on fans. In 2005, a book on the Museum's card collection was written by an external expert, Antal Jánoska, and edited by Györgyi Nagy (published in Hungarian and German).

A major objective for the Museum is to continue its series of collection catalogues. The first volume of the Esterházy Treasury catalogue, bringing together Museum staff's research into the collection's textiles over several decades, was published in Hungarian 2010. This will be followed by a book on metalware. Both are also intended to be published in English.

Books on exhibitions

A new development in books that accompany exhibitions is collaboration with the publisher Corvina. It was under this arrangement that Zsolt Somogyi's book on the art nouveau furniture exhibition in 2009, entitled A magyar szecesszió bútorművészete (Hungarian art nouveau furniture), was published. It was number 2 on Corvina's bestseller list, a clear indication of its - and the exhibition's - success.

This is the first in a series which will present the Museum's collections and exhibitions. The series title is Az iparművészet remekei (Masterpieces of applied art).

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