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Adaptation of the Museum of Applied Arts for disabled access

Funding from the European Union and the Hungarian Government: HUF 28,880,000

Work carried out by the National Development Agency between 14 April and 31 December 2011.
www.ujszechenyiterv.gov.hu 06 40 638 638

The provision of partial disabled access has made it easier for people with disabilities and injuries to visit the Museum of Applied Arts.

Visitors in wheelchairs can enter by the courtyard entrance in Hőgyes Endre utca, where there are also a few disabled parking spaces. From the courtyard, access to the ground-floor and first-floor exhibition spaces is by lift from the courtyard, with staff assistance. The Museum’s glass hall may be reached from the ground-floor gallery by a stair lift, also operated with the assistance of museum staff. There is a disabled toilet on the first floor. For visitors arriving at the main entrance, there is a double handrail to assist access to the foyer and to the first and second floors.

For visitors with visual impairment there is a guide strip on the pavement in front of the main entrance and a tactile map in the foyer to assist in orientation. A speaking map and Braille information sheet is available from information desk staff.

To assist communication for visitors with hearing aids, there are induction loops at the till and the information desk. It is also possible to take part in guided tours using induction loops.

Downloadable guide

Public areas of the Museum:

Ground floor plan (PDF)

1st floor plan (PDF)

2nd floor plan (PDF)

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