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The Contemporary Design Collection of the Museum of Applied Arts was founded in May 2015. The well-working system of collecting contemporary works of art, introduced when the museum was opened, gradually became less far-reaching from the 1920s on. Its foundation did not only aim at building up a new Contemporary Design Collection but also at cooperation based on experience and common interests.

Our goal is to create a collection representing different branches of 20th- and 21st-century design and arts and crafts. When choosing an item, we take into consideration how it fits into our already existing collection and into other possible contexts with the different museum departments. The collection will be extended to entire design processes as well to be able to follow the birth of design from the idea to realization.

It is our task to insert into our collection the characteristic design items of the socialist countries of Eastern Europe before the change of the political system, as there are hardly any of them in our collection for the time being.

In January 2017, the Contemporary Design Collection saved the whole documentation and catalogue collection of the VAM Design Center, i.e. several thousands of items, from destruction. Their cataloguing and processing is progressing with the help of assistants.

View items of the Contemporary Design Collection in the collections database.


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