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The present project is a continuation of the ARTNOUVEAU project, successfully implemented in the 1stCfP of the DTP. The partnership, enlarged in this project, achieved notable results in creating transnational professional cooperation in the field of Art Nouveau (AN). It also identified challenges faced by the communities sharing AN cultural heritage.

AN certainly is part of the history and everyday life of the cities in the Danube region (DR), and hopefully, it will be integral part of its future. As AN movement contributed to shaping cultural identity of the region, it can be used as a cohesive force for bringing many communities together. As visions of the AN movement dictated many aspects of urban life, they can be used to develop new policies for the cities of today and tomorrow. As AN monuments abound with breathtaking splendor, beauty and display of craftmanship, they can be used to make the region recognizable and more attractive to tourists.

ARTNOUVEAU2 embarks on responsibly and sustainably using the AN cultural heritage as a vehicle for strengthening regional cultural identity and for stimulating economic growth in the DR. To succeed in this, the partnership will increase the level of knowledge related to AN in the general public through educational activities, prompting the public to respect, appreciate, protect and take better care of the AN heritage.

Also, it will develop professional community specialized in AN from the DR and strengthen the institutional framework which will better protect, manage and promote the AN. This, in turn will ensure growing appreciation of the local public for the AN heritage and increase its attractiveness to the tourists.

Furthermore, it will professionalize tourist promotion of AN through involvement of tourism industry, contributing thus to the diversification and improvement of tourist offer and services of the region, which can result in economic growth, generate income and stimulate job creation.

Project Partners:

 Type  Country
 Oradea Municipality   Lead partner  Romania
 Oradea City Museum - Cultural Complex  ERDF partner  Romania
 National Institute of Heritage  ERDF partner  Romania
 Museum of Applied Arts  ERDF partner  Hungary
 MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts  ERDF partner  Austria
 Museum of Crafts and Arts  ERDF partner  Croatia
 Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava  ERDF partner  Slovakia
 Kodolányi János University  ERDF partner  Hungary
 Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments  IPA partner  Serbia
 Reseau Art Nouveau Network  Associated partner  Belgium
 Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration  Associated partner  Romania
 University of Ljubljana  Associated partner  Slovenia
 Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Serbia  Associated partner  Serbia
 Federal Chancellery of Austria, Division II: Arts and Culture  Associated partner  Austria
 Austrian National Tourist Office  Associated partner  Austria
 Guild of Licensed Vienna Tourist Guides  Associated partner  Austria
 Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia  Associated partner  Croatia
 Zagreb Tourist Guides Association  Associated partner  Croatia
 Bratislava Metropolitan Institute  Associated partner  Slovakia

Further information: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/artnouveau2


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