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Alicja Patanowska: PLANTATION, photo: S. DeleuA priority goal for Budapest Design Week in 2016 is to present the various idioms, solutions and means that are used in the works of designers from countries with similar social, economic and cultural traditions and challenges. On this note, the Guests of Honour at Budapest Design Week are the Visegrád Countries celebrating the 25th anniversary of launching the Visegrád Cooperation this year. With the Visegrád Countries being the guests of honour, the exhibition Central Values – Common Heritage in Central European Contemporary Design hosted by the Museum of Applied Arts between 24 September and 20 November represents the central event, and shows the most prominent works of contemporary designers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary; also, it highlights the similar circumstances, objectives and sources of inspiration of the four Visegrád Countries, which gradually tend to find their place in the global market. The large-scale exhibition will be accompanied by a number of programmes for the trade and for the general public.



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