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The Museum of Applied Arts, which is now facing a comprehensive reconstruction, is going to close its doors on 3 September 2017. Before temporarily saying goodbye to its public, during the next few weeks a substantial number of programmes will be organised for the visitors.

Before closing, in addition to the exhibitions building tours, yoga lessons and interactive programmes will be available for the interested. Those who are keen to see the building's hidden corners, secrets, stores and workshops can acquire a „golden pass” to the museum - said Director General Zoltán Cselovszki during a press conference last Thursday.

On 3 September 2017, the Museum opens at 0 a.m. A series of events will be organised, for example visitors will have a chance to watch the sunrise from the roof terrace. The Director General emphasized that the MAA has one of the most important decorative arts collection in the world, which within a few years will be fully accessible on the Internet. By the end of this year ca. 60 percent will be browsable on the website www.gyujtemeny.imm.hu.

Managed by the Museum of Applied Arts, György Ráth's Villa in Városligeti fasor will be restored to its original beauty. From April 2018 on the building will also have a temporary exhibition space. The furniture exhibition in Nagytétény Mansion will also be re-organised. According to Deputy Director Zsombor Jékely several pieces of the collection will be on display at other locations during the reconstruction of the main Museum building.

A large-scale Herend porcelain exhibition from the Museum’s collection is currently touring in Japan. Completed with non-deliverable fragile pieces, this show will be presented in Hungary as well. Ottoman works of art from the collection of the MAA are part of an exhibition, opened in Eger Castle in late August.

Zoltán Cselovszki also stressed that in addition to the comprehensive reconstruction of the historic building, underground parking facilities and a new wing will be constructed from a budget of 25 billion forints. At present the Museum has three thousand square meters of exhibition space; this will be expanded to ten thousand square meters.

The new wing will house the Museum’s first Contemporary Design Collection, and it will be furnished with modern building technology as well. The facade of the new wing will be based on Ödön Lechner’s original plans, but the interior will be contemporary in style. The reconstruction will take approximately three years and the new exhibitions will be opened a year after moving back. The goal of the Museum of Applied Arts is to increase the number of visitors to 300 thousand per year after the refurbishment - said Zoltán Cselovszki.

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