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A touching moment at a fashion show: there is a small, delicate woman surrounded by tall, slender girls. Even so, she is the one that the svelte, willowy models look up to. Because it is good to put on and wear her clothes. Because it is good to be charmed by her. Because she is sensitive, decisive, and single-minded. Her career reflects this as well, making original creations through perseverance and a multitude of ideas.

She is a true self-made woman. Someone who believes in the power of the workshop. Someone who has not forgotten where she came from, since family tradition is in her clothes. The past is in them, but so is the present and even the future. This living perpetuity is exemplified by the clothes exhibited in the Art Nouveau and Historicist interiors of the Ráth Villa. It is an organic link between the turn-of-the-century art she loves and our present day.

Looking at her clothing, the cavalcade of materials, patterns, forms, and colors dazzles. Everything becomes useful in her hands and in her workshop. Old textiles are brought back to life and traditional patterns are revitalized. She is sometimes traditional and sometimes brazenly new. She is a courageous woman, boldly combining materials and patterns that had never been used together before. After all, who else would have put leather with organza?! However, hers is not just the world of runways; she is just as engaged in the fashions of everyday life.

She started from a little town with a big past, Sümeg, and made it to the runways of the world. However, her roots cannot be cast aside. Her name and her company is a concept. She is Katti Zoób.

Hilda Horváth, curator

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