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The exhibition titled Collectors and Treasures originally opened ten years ago. The exhibition was expanded most recently in 2013, when ceramic objects donated by Magda Bácsi were added in the last section. This time, the entire exhibition has been renewed and upgraded: new objects have been put on display in all units of the exhibition, including first-rate objects which have not been exhibited for a long time. About a quarter of the 400 objects on view have been replaced, and we are also to show again some favourite Art Nouveau objects in the collection, including highlights purchased by the former director of the Museum, Jenő Radisics. At the same, the visual elements in the exhibition have also been renewed: enlargements of archival photographs illustrate the history of the Museum’s collections. In the exhibition, a short film presents a selection of most recent acquisitions, and we also present the plans for the reconstruction of the Museum – thus the exhibition also looks forward to the future.


 Collectors and Treasures...






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