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When the lady drives the bike

25th September 10:30—17:00
Thematic day related to the Bikology exhibition of the Museum of Applied Arts and the Transport Museum. Repair it, try it and fix it – bicycle repair, you can do it! Female cycling design and unique accessories, and lots of great cycling programs, not only for women!

Behind the ColourMirror

27th September 17:30—19:00
This interactive installation, made by the team TechLab Fellows of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, is a project accompanying our exhibition “In the Mood for Colours”. The mirror scans the clothing of the visitor standing in front of it and the programme finds an object in the exhibition matching this colour scheme. How did this installation come into being? What can it be used for? Among others, these questions will be discussed with the creators of this project.

Cycle Me Home

September 28. 17:00—19:00
Another beautiful and novel road movie-documentary shot in Transylvania by the CMH team cycling from Madrid to Budapest. The movie, rich in unique experiences and accompanied by soundtrack by Andras Toth and narrative by Gyula Szersén has seen outstanding success at several festivals around the globe. The screening is followed by a free talk by the creators of the film.

From the designer’s table to the museum

September 30. 18:00
The young Hungarian designer Tamás Túri, who was awarded the first prize of the category Mobility and Traffic at the A’ Design Award 2015, presents his latest development of a tricycle for the disabled. The prototype is discussed by János Hídvégi of the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport.


October 1. 10:00—18:00
In our programme RGB#RED, we intend to re-interpret the connection between sight, the sense of touch, and personal visual culture with the help of the pop up exhibition “I have a favourite colour”. With the team of LaLuz we make an excursion into the enchanting world of painting with light, whereas in the movement performance of the Élőkép Theatre female sculptures are endowed with life, and they reshape the space surrounding us. #IntheMoodforColours

Design and Creative Arts Fair

October 1. 10:00—18:00
The Museum of Applied Arts expects fans of object culture with a traditional design fair: designer-made unique, high-quality jewellery, clothing, ceramics and accessories. In addition to the fair, varied programmes including a family day will be provided to interested visitors.


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