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Our tent in the museum district offers several programs every day from 1 pm to 8 pm during the festival.


We await you with special 'maker'- workshops held by hungarian designers at the Contemporary Design Tent of the Museum of Applied Arts Budapest (located in the Museum quarter of Sziget Festival Official). You may create a piece of furniture, design a logic game or try yourself as a fashion designer!

8. August : Karton Design
Can you imagine how many different objects can be made of paper? Create an object using only cardboard!

9. August : Plan Bureau – Logifaces
It's time to try a new logic game! You only have to combine the tiny cubes...

10. August : Romani Design
Be a Romani designer for a day! Bring up your childhood memories and dress the Romani puppets with the special patterned textiles of the brand!

11. August : Artista
Design your own Artista garnment using their fabrics! Experience and express the Artista identity!

12. August: Fészek Részek
Are you eco-friendly? At the DIY workshop of Fészek Részek you may become an eco-conscious designer yourself.

13. August.: Saxon-Szász János – Polinuniverzum
How many variations can you make with the Poliuniverzum games? Set you imagination free and experiment with the colours!

14. August: Exhibition
We exhibit the works which have been created and designed on our workshops. Come & get inspired by the ideas of other Sziget citizens as well!

The workshops are free of charge and can be joined anytime, only limited by the capacity of our tent!

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