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Collection of the Library


Principal library services

  • Reading facilities
  • Information
  • Lending
  • Reprographics (black-and-white and colour photocopying and scanning; only of post-1945 documents in good condition), facilities for photography by users

Registration fee: HUF 3000/year; students and pensioners: HUF 1500/year
Free for museum researchers, librarians, school teachers and members of the Friends of the Museum of Applied Arts.

Reprographics charges:
black-and-white photocopying: A4: HUF 20/page; A3: HUF 40/page
colour photocopying: A4: HUF 300/page; A3: HUF 600/page
scanning:  A4: HUF 50/page; A3: HUF 100/page

Photography ticket (available in the library, for photographing documents held there and provided for reading and inspection, with due heed to copyright protection): 

  • for registered readers: HUF 750
  • for day-ticket holders: HUF 1500

E-mail: send an e-mail

The public library collection, which functions as a national specialised library, holds over 80,000 documents: books and journals in Hungarian and foreign languages published since the mid-19th century, and publications on other media, all available to the public. The collection holds many rarities and has an online catalogue, but only provides for reading in the library, and does not lend.

In the more than 130 years since its foundation, the library, set up to support the Museum's work, especially research, has grown into the country's most important library specialising in old applied art. Its collection has primarily developed in line with the Museum's collection departments (textiles and costumes, wood and furniture, ceramics and glass, metalware, applied graphics and photography, book design). It has an abundant selection of literature on Hungarian and international applied arts and design history, as well as books on general history of art, museology, restoration, and many other related fields. Many of its holdings are in foreign languages, the most numerous being books and journals in English, German, French and Italian. There are also many art publications in other foreign languages through library exchanges with several hundred peer institutions.

The historic bookbinding rarities collection holds several thousand books registered as art works from a 15th century book of hours to contemporary book productions. A research permit is required to inspect these.

The library serves more than just researchers, designers and university students: its is open to everybody interested in old things, contemporary design, the visual arts in general, and museology.

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